Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blog Catch-up: What we did 8/31 and 9/5:

Hello blog readers. I am sorry I have not gotten to updating the blog lately. I am really trying hard, although it seems I need to try harder, to keep this updated on a regular basis. Please be patient with me!

Friday, 8/31

We first took a vocabulary quiz. If you missed this day, you took the vocab quiz on Wednesday, the fifth. Remember, all students who are here the day you get the vocab words, which will normally be on Mondays, will have the words for the week: if you miss Monday, be sure to see a student who has them and copy them down. A good time to do this is during study skills. That way, you are prepared to take the quiz on Friday. So far, you have done a fantastic job with the vocabulary; keep it up!

After our vocab quiz, we completed our fourth sneeze. For the sneezes we are going to complete, be sure that you write on a different, totally new topic each time, even if your other sneezes are not done. You will have time at a latter date to go back on finish/polish your sneezes; right now, our goal is to build our collection of just-started pieces of writing.

After our sneeze, I read aloud to you as a class from our class novel "Love that Dog". You took notes in your comprehension journals and we had a lively discussion on what is happening in the book. Unfortunately, when you miss class, you completely miss out on the read-aloud experience. I will do my best, though, to catch you up and fill you in on all the pieces you missed.

Homework for the weekend was to read 1 hour or more!

Wednesday, 9/5

First, we completed our fifth sneeze. Again, we wrote about a completely new topic and started from scratch. We wrote for twelve minutes and we were not concerned with anything but writing as much as we could.

After our sneeze, we did "golden lines". I gave you five minutes to read through your completed sneezes. As you were reading, you were on the hunt for a "golden line"-- a sentence that stands out at you for any reason. Some of you chose funny sentences, some of you chose deep sentences, some of you passed. Once we had them, we all shared them out loud. It was fantastic!

After we completed our sneeze, we completed our weekly vocabulary assignment. Again, there are ten words, and you worked through questions in order to determine the definitions of the words.

At the end of the year (for some of you, this will happen much before the end of the year), we want you to completely fill your notebook with your own writing. Every page! In order to do this, we want to keep all prewriting and first draft writing in your writer's notebook: we don't want to take it out! However, we want to be able to work with your writing, and I need you to be able to turn it in. Therefore, today we copied our favorite sneeze from our notebook onto loose-leaf paper, being sure to double space (or skip lines, which ever term you prefer). Most of you finished this in class, but if you did not, it is homework.

Homework for Wednesday was to complete draft of sneeze and study for vocabulary quiz.