Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Today, Wednesday the 29th of August, we did the following: 

1. Bellwork
2. Sneeze #3
3. Went over vocab and grammar
4. Learned the writing strategy "History of a Name"
5. Read Aloud

Sneeze #3: 

Today, we completed our third sneeze. We chose a new topic, making sure it was different from our first two sneeze topics. We wrote for twelve minutes. If you were absent, please complete your third sneeze. 

Vocab #1 and Grammar #1: 

We briefly went over our 10 vocab words, quizzing each other in order to remember the definitions of the words. 

For our grammar homework, I checked to make sure you had it done; if you had an answer written down for numbers 1-24, you got full credit. If you did not have your homework, you didn't get credit. If you turn your homework in on Friday, you can still get half credit!

"History of a Name" Writing Strategy: 

Names are important, aren't they? What would our world look like if everyone did not have names? Communication would surely be made tougher: instead of yelling, "Hey, Josh!" to a group of people in order to get one person's attention, you would have to yell something like, "Hey, you! No, not you, you! No, no, you in the red, NOT YOU, YOU!" It would be very confusing. 

Also though, names define us as people to a certain extent. Many people are certain that their best friend's "look" like a Timmy or a Susie. You name becomes a part of you, the person, as well as obviously your identification. 

For the writing strategy "History of a Name", you attempt to provide all the details of a name of someone or something. Nothing is off limits. You can talk about all or some of the following: 
  • What is the significance of the name? 
  • Why was the name given? 
  • Who gave the name? 
  • Are there any nicknames? 
  • What do others think of the name? 
  • What do you think of the name? 
  • What or how would it be different with a different name? 
  • How do you feel personally for the name? 
And more! Today, we tried this strategy out by writing our own history of our names. If you were absent, please try this strategy out. Be sure to copy the strategy down on page 11 of your writer's notebook: the section titled "What Should I Write?"

Read Aloud: 

Today we continued our read aloud, Sharon Creech's novel "Love that dog". 

Have a delicious Wednesday!

-Mr. O'Mera

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