Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today, Monday 27th, we did the following: 

1. Bellwork
2. Sneeze #2
3. Vocab Lesson #1
4. Grammar Lesson #1

Sneeze #2: 

Today, we completed our second "sneeze" writing. Remember, when we "sneeze", we are simply writing as fast as we can without being concerned about what comes out. The reason we do this is to free ourselves. Sometimes when we write, we get a bit too concerned about if what we are writing is "good"; because of this, we end up trying to hard to write "well", thereby freezing ourselves as writers. So instead of trying to write well, we are just writing to write. We know that at least some of what we write will be bad: that is ok! The more we write, the more good writing will come out!

 To begin, we chose a different topic from the topic we chose on Friday. Just like last time, we wrote non-stop for 12 minutes. 

If you were absent Monday, please complete your second sneeze on a new topic in the writing section of your writer's notebook (which starts on page 71). 

Vocab Lesson #1:

Vocab lesson 1 is titled "Prometheus and Epimetheus". If you missed Monday, please get the words and definitions from a classmate. 

Grammar Lesson #1: 

We began the first grammar lesson, "Four types of Sentences", in class. You do not have to write the complete sentences; rather, just write the answer. Your assignment was to finish 1-24. 

Have a great day! See you on Wednesday!

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