Sunday, August 26, 2012

Today, 8/24, we did the following: 

  1. Exchanged ideas for writing topics using our writing territories
  2. Picked a topic and wrote on that topic for 12 minutes
  3. Setup our "read aloud" journals
  4. I read aloud from Sharon Creech's Love That Dog

Exchanged Ideas for Writing Topics: 

We continued trying to add to our writing territories today by exchanging notebooks and adding topics from other student's lists that worked for us. As you can see from my new list of topics, I was able to add at least 25 new topics; making sure not to add topics that do not interest you, building your list of topics will help you tremendously throughout the year. When you get bored with a piece of writing, you will be easily able to get another topic from your extensive list. The bigger and more diverse your list, the better!

Picked a topic and wrote for 12 minutes: 

After we had gotten many new topics, we chose one that seemed to call out to us that day. During first block, I chose "Rainy Days/Cloudy Days". 

For 12 minutes, we wrote. I told you to not pay attention to mistakes, to not worry about spelling, to not be concerned with how messy your writing became, to overall go for it: to write like your pants were on fire! Writing in this manner is "freeing", as many of you commented after we were done. It allows you to not worry so much about writing "good", thereby allowing you to produce some great stuff! Overall, many of you won't be happy with your writing; this is ok! First draft writing is hardly ever good; however, it is extremely important because I will show you how to polish your not so good writing. 

Setup "Read Aloud" journals: 

Throughout the year, I will read aloud great literature to you. Your goal during read aloud is simple: enjoy! While I read aloud to you, I will not stop to explain or answer questions; that is why you have your journal. You can write down any questions, comments, observations, etc. in your journal while I read. After I am done reading, we will discuss anything you want to! 

Also, before we begin to read aloud, we will take notes and do many different forms of writing and interactions in order to remember where we are in the book. 

Read aloud was one of the favorite activities we did as a class for students last year: it was also one of my favorites, as well! Go literature!


Your homework for the weekend is to read a great book you love for at least 40 minutes. If you missed Friday, please complete a draft of one of your topics from your writing territories. You can write in any form, and your piece does not have to be finished. Just go for it! Write for about 12 minutes, and no matter where you are, stop. We will do more with it soon!

Have a great weekend. 

-Mr. O'Mera

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