Monday, August 20, 2012

Today, 8/20, in 7th Grade English we did the following: 

  1. Set-up our writer's notebooks
  2. Passed out grammar textbooks and workbooks
  3. Developed our reading territories 

Writer's Notebook Set-up

First, starting with the first clean sheet of notebook paper, number your pages 1-75. Put the number, preferably in pen, in the lower right-hand corner of your page. Do not number the front and back of your papers; the first sheet, counting the front and back, will be considered page 1. 

After you have numbered your pages 1-75, you need to write the section headings. Write the following section headings at the top-center of your page. 

Page               Section
1               Table of Contents
5               Reading Territories
8               Writing Territories
11             What should I write?
17             Writing/Literary terms
20             Spelling Demons
22             Craft Lessons
49             Editing Lessons
71             Writing

Grammar Textbooks/Workbooks

If you were absent on Monday, please see me when you return so I can assign you a textbook. 

Develop Reading Territories

Developing your reading territories is all about discovering yourself as a reader. In your writer's notebook, on page 5, just under where it says "Reading Territories", I want you to make a subheading that says "Why do I read?" Under this subheading, list as many reasons you can think of for why you read. Once this list is over, I want you to make lists of the following: 
  • Favorite Authors
  • Favorite Genres
  • Favorite Books
  • Books I want to read in the future
  • Subjects I like
Also, make any other lists about reading that you feel like you want to have. Again, this is all about figuring out your identity as a reader. Go for it!

Homework 8/20

Read a great book for thirty minutes or more!

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