Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome back!


Welcome back to school. I hope your break was as restful as mine; I found it extra hard this morning to roll out of bed! I made it, however, and I am very excited to get back to work with you.

This week, we are going to be preparing for the AIMS Reading and Writing test. Please remember, the AIMS test is not the only "standardized" test you will take in your academic career. You will take the AIMS again in 8th grade and also in 10th grade. After the AIMS, in order to get into college, many standardized tests will await you such as the SAT and the ACT. Preparing for the AIMS test is valuable to you as a student; please, take it seriously!

Today, we took the following notes in our writer's notebook. If you were absent, please be sure to copy them down.

AIMS Reading Test Tips: 
  1. Do a "first read" of the passage: 
    1. read every word
    2. don't skim or skip around
    3. understand the "big picture" or the main idea of the article or passage
    4. keep reading until you get to the end
  2. Read each question carefully
    1. go slowly
    2. make sure you understand the question
  3. Go back and scan the passage for the answer
    1. scan- to scan means to run your eyes quickly over the page searching for key words and phrases
  4. Choose the best answer
    1. many times, more than once correct answer will exist-don't be fooled!
  5. Don't let difficult questions freak you out! 
    1. just do your best
  6. Don't leave any blanks!
  7. When it is time to take a test--just relax
You have no homework this evening. 

Have a productive Monday!

Mr. O'Mera

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