Thursday, March 15, 2012


Welcome to Thursday, March 15!

Today, we will read aloud from our class novel Walk Two Moons. We are on Chapter 20: The Blackberry Kiss.

After we read, I have a short assignment for you. You will be reading and copying down a letter that I wrote to an imaginary friend. When I wrote this letter, the comma key on my key board was broken, so unfortunately, I couldn't put in any commas at all! Thankfully for me, you guys have just learned how to use commas correctly in sentences! Can you help me out; please?

(Ok, ok. I admit it. My comma key really wasn't broken. But still, you have to admit, that would be an awesome story!)

Once you finish your assignment, you will be able to free read or write.

Have a magnificent Thursday!

-Mr. O'Mera

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