Monday, March 12, 2012


Today, to start off class, we had 15 minutes of D.E.A.R. time. Please remember, we will be having a book report/project/book talk (I am still trying to determine which one!) due near the end of March. Reading is extremely important; please take advantage of the fact that you are able to choose your own silent reading book by actually choosing books you enjoy and by actually reading your book during D.E.A.R. time!

After D.E.A.R., we began our mini-unit on "commas". Today, we talked about three specific instances where we use commas:

  1. To separate items in a list
    • Example: I ate hotdogs, hamburgers, and pickles. 
  2. After greetings and salutations in a letter
    • Dear Jane,            Your friend, 
  3. After introductory phrases or words
    • Nervously, Jane turned around. 
    • Before jumping in the pool, Jane took her cell phone out of her pocket. 
If you were gone today, please see a fellow student to copy down their notes. 

You have no homework today!

Have an awesome Monday!

-Mr. O'Mera

Friday, March 9th


Today during class, we worked on completing our outlines and beginning our drafts to our literary analysis papers.

As you wrote, I walked around and had individual conferences with anybody who was having trouble or who needed help understanding an element to the outline.

If you were absent, your homework for the weekend is to finish your first draft of your paper.

Have an amazing weekend!

-Mr. O'Mera

Thursday, March 8th

Today, we spent more time finishing up the introduction paragraph.

We really focused on creating a thesis statement that was arguable: for example, if I was writing my literary analysis paper about a book that talked about horses, my thesis statement could not be "My book is about horses." Of course it is! Instead, to make it arguable, I would need to do something like, "My book is unrealistic and offensive to horse owners."

If you were absent today, please see me to get the literary analysis packet in order to continue your essay.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

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