Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday, February 7th

Hello Students-

Today in class we went over how to properly format a Bibliography. First, we took the following notes. If you were absent, please copy down these notes on the next clean page of your writer's notebook.

Bibliography Notes
What is a Bibliography Page? 
     A bibliography page is a list of all the sources and                                        information you used in your research paper.

Why do you need to have a Bibliography Page?
     If someone is reading your research paper and they want to know where you got your information from, they can use your bibliography to find it. 

     Also, as a researcher and writer, if you use someone else's research, you need to give them credit! Failure to give them credit would result in plagiarism.

Your homework for tonight, the 7th, is to finish a bibliography. My hope is that you have all of your Science Fair sources written out on the Bibliography handout that Mrs. Arnette gave you. If you do, use those sources to create your bibliography. If you do not have your sources or you lost them, please use the sample bibliography sheet I passed out today during class. 

Have a terrific Tuesday!

-Mr. O'Mera

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