Monday, February 27, 2012


Welcome back! I hope your rodeo-break was as refreshing as mine was. I found time to read my new book, go out to dinner and spend quality time with my fiance, play golf with friends, and go to the Accenture Match Play Championship.

Today in class, you will get your graded D.E.A.R. projects back; after you get your projects back, we will have time to DEAR. Near the end of class, as an introduction to a story we are going to start reading tomorrow, we will read about Guadalupe Solis.

Guadalupe Solis imigrated to the United States from Monterrey, Mexico. When she first came, she was not only "the new kid" but she also was a person who spoke no English. Life for her was extremely hard at first, but as she learned English, she realized she should not feel ashamed about herself just because she didn't know English; in fact, she became proud of her heritage and realized that she was going to be bilingual.

If you were gone today, your homework is to write one page in your writer's notebook imagining you have just moved to a country where you do not know the language. Tell us, either in essay format or story format, what it is like being in a country when you do not know the language. Focus on your feelings: what is hard? What is challenging? Be creative!

Tomorrow we will explore this interesting topic much more in depth.

Have a fantastic Monday!

-Mr. O'Mera

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