Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday, January 31st

Hello February; Goodbye January!


Today we got caught up a little bit. I checked to see if you had completed your five-paragraph essay on "Year-round school versus traditional school". If you did not finish, please bring your essay in tomorrow for half-credit. 

After I checked your essays, I passed out an "Organization" rubric. This rubric looks identical to the "Ideas" rubric you got last week; the only difference is, it is a rubric to score how well your paper is organized, not how good your ideas are. 

We went over what makes a score of "1" different from what makes a score of "3" and "5". During this discussion, I used many examples to try illustrating why Organization is such an essential part of good writing. 

If you were absent today, you have no homework. Please just make sure you have completed your 5 paragraph essay on "Year-round school versus traditional school". 

See you tomorrow!

-Mr. O'Mera

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