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Last week, we took notes trying to answer the question: "What is Good Writing?" The list of notes you took went like this:
 Good Writing Has:

  1. Ideas that are interesting and important
  2. Organization that is clear and effective
  3. Voice that is individual and appropriate
  4. Word Choice that is specific and memorable
  5. Sentence Fluency that is smooth and musical
  6. Conventions that are correct and communicative
Now, as we move forward, we will continue to answer the question "What is Good Writing" by looking at each of the Six Traits of Writing in depth. Up first, is IDEAS: 

Here is a look at what we will be doing the week of 1/23-1/27:

Friday, 1/27-
Due to the bowling trip, we will be catching up on any homework and assignments that we have missed, and we will be reading and writing, your choice of topic and/or book.
Homework: Read or write 35 Minutes

Thursday, 1/26-
Today we will be read sample paper #3, grade it using our "IDEAS rubric", and have a discussion about why we gave it that grade. It is important that we continue to remember that even if we do not "like" a paper or subject, we can still recognize it as "good" writing.
Homework: None

Wednesday, 1/25-
Today, I will introduce our upcoming "D.E.A.R. projects", with due dates to be announced soon. It is really important that you get a book that interests you and read it all the way through! Also, today I will introduce you to our "IDEAS rubric". Using the piece of writing you have worked on the past couple of days, we will grade it a 5, 3, or 1. To get used to grading our writing, we will first grade three sample papers together as a class.
Homework: None

Tuesday, 1/24
For the last day, we are going to start our third piece of writing. Remember, we are writing from our writing territories, and this piece of writing can be in any form on any topic (as long as it is appropriate).
Homework: Read 20 Minutes

Monday, 1/23
Today, we are going to write our second piece from our writing territories. If you are absent, please complete a piece of writing, in any form, about one of your writing territories. Go for at least 3/4 a page in length, and try to write until the end of your paper.
Homework: Read 20 Minutes

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