Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, January 31

Today we had a debate about the issue of year-round school versus traditional school. After our debate, we started a draft to an essay about this topic. The essay needs to be a traditional 5-paragraph essay; please see the following format: 
  • Paragraph One: Introduction--tell the reader what you are going to tell them
    • Paragraph Two: Main idea #1
    • Paragraph Three: Main Idea #2
    • Paragraph Four: Main Idea #3
  • Paragraph Five: Conclusion--tell the reader what you just told them
To get credit for your draft tomorrow, you must have five paragraphs of writing. Don't worry to much about it being "good" writing; this is only your first draft!

Objective: SWBAT discuss/write about issue

Homework: Finish Draft

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